Just seeing that word gives my goosebumps…Now I’m not pretending to be a medical expert, just a mummy who has experienced this first hand.

It seemed like Gigi was born with this, pretty much from the day we arrived home she screamed at every feed, smelt like she’d been guzzling acid and just needed to be comforted 24/7. However is took about three weeks to get a diagnosis… it was a night nanny (that we had called in sheer desperation for sleep) that picked it up and told me to get straight down to the GP. She also told me they’d try and fob me off with baby Gaviscon – which they did(!) However after about 3 doctors appointments and me taking in a blanket full of acid sick they finally listened to me and prescribed Ranitidine.

This was a game changer! Combined with Aptamil Reflux and Regurgitation, she ate without screaming and SLEPT!

Along our silent acid reflux journey we also found a number of other things which helped us:

  1. Wedgehog – keeps the bed on a slight incline to help keep things down
  2. Dr Browns Bottles – stops so much air so less bubbles to cause regurgitation
  3. Baby seat – any cheap one does the trick, just helps to keep baby upright after feeds and gives you free hands to get on with other things!

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