Teething babies are so much fun…said no-one EVER!

I know they can’t help it, and we should all be happy we can’t remember getting our own teeth, but OMFG teething is horrible….for parents! Gigi was so good and hardly made a fuss, Blake on the other hand (typical man?!?) is very fussy!!

So I thought this weeks blog post could be about what I’ve found that helps me… I mean him!! 

I do like to keep things as natural as possible, don’t get me wrong by the time Gigi was 2, ‘Calpol’ and ‘Neurofen’ were very much part of her vocabulary, but nevertheless I think it’s worth giving as many natural things a go first/as well as.

One of the best things I’ve found for both babies is an Amber anklet.

Amber is meant to reduce pain…the theory goes that when wearing Amber the baby’s body heat triggers the release of a tiny bit of oil that contains succinic acid (a naturally-occurring substance in the body) and when this is absorbed, it has an analgesic effect on the swollen and sore gums.

The next is Nelsons teething granules, these come in little sachets, great for when you are out and about, and can help just calm baby down a little if it’s all going a bit wrong. 

I have recently found these crazy old school teething biscuits which are actually brilliant! Again it’s all about a few minutes of peace, and these Bickiepegs defo do the trick! 

Both Gigi and Blake have also got some relief from those teething rings you freeze, there is so much choice but we love the BamBam star! 

A ‘chewy’ toy is always a winner, we have the obligatory Sophie (mini one) and I also just ordered Cheeky Chompers Chewy which Blake LOVES! 

And as a last ditch attempt to get a bit of extra sleep, a pillow spray is always helpful. We use one ourselves but This Works do one especially for the minis and it’s fabulous! 

As a final thought… IT WILL PASS… They will go back to be adorable little bundles of loveliness… well until the next tooth arrives!

Joey X 
Notes: Pictures are links to product websites. This is all my own opinion, I have no medical training. I haven’t been paid to advertise any of these products they are just things I have bought myself and liked! 

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