To Botox or Not to Botox?

That was my question a couple of weeks ago, just before my birthday back in August. 

As I lay in the medispa getting my waxing done the therapist and I (same age) started talking about wrinkles etc. Mostly about how she didn’t have ANY! Turns out she is a big Botox fan… Needles terrify me, I mean properly terrify me. It’s a phobia, I couldn’t even watch my friend get her flu jab (although the pain of labour helped me temporarily overcome this and get an epidural!). 

The therapist said he doesn’t really hurt, if done properly by an experienced nurse or consultant it looks very natural (as hers does) and it’s not permenant so if you don’t like the results eventually your pre procedure face will come back.

Apart from the needles one of the things that worries me is essentially it’s a toxin, and here I am trying to clean eat at the same time as thinking about getting something toxic injected into me.

Now this post shouldn’t sound negative about Botox, probably if I had the balls I would totally get it done, but at this point in time it’s not for me, despite the hard sell of the therapist as it being preventative for future wrinkles! 

So I’ve been looking into other anti aging options, one of which was recommended by the therapist as a ‘skin pick me up’, and all round freshen up for my full post partum skin – Dr Schrammek’s Green Peel. 

BEFORE – on my way to the medispa

There are three options of peel, all of which are herbal based, but of varying strengths. I went for the Energy which is the mid strength one. It is supposed to give you a deep exfoliation but without the crazy peeling face. 

So I went along to the treatment. I was warned it was uncomfortable. It was. Very. Not during the scrubbing bit, that wasn’t nice but it didn’t hurt, but it was afterwards my skin felt like someone was trying to push stinging nettles leaves into sore sunburnt skin. Not nice. 



For the next two days I was careful not to get any water on my face (the herbs need to keep working). That was easier than I thought with two young children but oh wow the pain was insane. The sunburn stinging nettle sensation lasted for two whole days! Then my skin began to peel, not a little bit as if been told but my entire face started to come off in little sheets. It wasn’t pretty. 

2 DAYS AFTER – the big peel!

I was booked in for a course of three but there’s no way I’m going back for more. Waxing is enough torture! The results a good, not great but good. I’ve had some comments of how fresh and bright my face looks and on the whole I look like I’ve just had a bit more sleep! But the wrinkles are still there and I can’t deal with that pain to still have wrinkles.

FINAL RESULT – no make up here just cream

So I’ve decided to keep eating well, drink LOTS of water, and treat myself to some good quality face creams and get regular facials. I know it won’t reverse the effects of the past 33 years but right now it’s the best I can do and it certainly won’t do any harm! 
Joey X

Note: I wasn’t paid or given the treatment for free, this is all just my honest experience! 

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