Catching Dreams 

So recently Gigi has been having some nightmares, apparently the same one over and over, a monster with a dark face chasing her around our local park. 

At first I just said ‘oh don’t worry monsters aren’t real’, but when you are four years old with a hugely active imagination the monsters are real! 

So we came up with some ways of helping her not to worry about this dream coming back and maybe even stopping the dreams too…this is what we’ve found to work so far:

1. No tv in the evening – with a new baby I got into the habit of saying ‘yes you can watch some tv on my bed whilst I put Blake down’. This is when the power ranger obsession began! But actually watching brightly coloured Lycra clad goodies defeat strange otherworldly villains probably isn’t the best bedtime ritual! Instead now she uses the 20mins I’m feeding and settling Blake to play quietly with her dolls house in her bedroom, a very pink, flowery and non-threatening dolls house! 

2. Talking about it – but in the day time not just before bed! We discussed how monsters are scared of dogs (so our silly, fluffy cockapoo is now a hero in her eyes), but you could use anything as the ‘hero’, a goldfish, cat, particular toy etc?

3. A dream catcher – I was recently sent this beautiful sparkly feather garland from a fellow Instagram Mumboss (she also makes gorgeous dream catchers) so we decorated Gigi’s bed headboard with it and I reassured her that it would catch any bad dreams she had. She absolutely loved this concept and the fact it was glittery!!

4. Sleep Spray – for the first couple of nights we put ‘operation park monster’ into place I used a sleep spray on her pillow which really relaxed her and helped overcome this initial bedtime anxiety of wondering if the dream would come back. I sometimes use this when they are unwell too, I find one or two nights of deep, restful sleep works wonders for anything!!! 

I’m not saying any of this is medically proven or with work for you but we are now back to good sleep and no 2am visitations from a scared little lady so it might be worth a go if you’re having similar struggles! 

Joey X 

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