Tooth Twinning Tuesday


We were recently sent the new Oral B Genius 9000 Electric Tooth Brush to try out. I opted for the Rose Gold (obvs!) and the hubby for the White. It is also available in Black.



I can honestly say this little gadget is a complete game changer. My teeth haven’t felt so shiny and white since my last trip to the dentist (which was way too long ago). It has so many settings; soft for sensitive areas, intense for those big back molars and even a special tongue cleaning setting. Even more amazing is that you link it with your phone (like I needed an excuse to spend even more time on my phone!) and it tells you where you need to give a little extra attention too….its the world’s first toothbrush with ‘Position Detection’ technology, by combining motion sensors in the toothbrush with facial recognition software on your phone!!!


It has made a huge difference in the couple of weeks I have been trialling it, my gums are much healthier, teeth whiter and overall I am feeling much more confident knowing I am brushing correctly.



I’m not the only one raving about it, it has won GQs Best New Gadget 2017 and Which? Best Buy 2016.


It is currently on sale at and for £109.99 (RRP£280.00). For this you get:

  • C1 GENIUS connected handle with 6 mode (Pro Clean, Daily Clean, Sensitive, Tongue Cleaning, Whitening, and Gum Care)
  • 4 brush heads, premium travel case
  • Upgraded charger
  • Refill holder
  • Smartphone holder


It would make an excellent Christmas present for those really difficult people who seem to have everything, or even to yourself! It is also SOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL and looks amazing in the bathroom, plus you get to customise the colour it lights up when you’re using it (I love this kind of thing!!!).

Joey x






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