I can’t decide if I need an IV coffee drip, 6 shots of vodka or two weeks sleep… or maybe there is another option! 

Mama’s around the world are knackered; they may be happy, sad, vegan, on the atikins diet, super fit, super can’t be arsed, whatever they are most of them are knackered. Maybe it’s teething, maybe it’s having to do EVERYTHING, maybe it’s working and mumming, but for literally the fist six years you are knackered.

Water I’ve found as #boring as it sounds helps massively, being dehydrated only makes it worse, but I was also recently sent some supplements to try and I must say they have helped so I decided to write a little review piece on them.

The are Swisse Energy B+ (an Australian supplement brand), I’ve been taking them alongside the High Strength Vitamin D3. I always get ill, grumpy etc in winter so felt like a Vitamin D supplement would be a good option and as a Mama of two kids and two businesses I was up for trying anything that promised more energy! 

I have to say that I noticed a difference in my energy levels after about a week of taking these, and last week I stopped taking them (as a little test) and whether it was a coincidence that I had an exceptionally busy week but I noticed I was lacking some of the buzz I’d had previously. 

Obviously there’s no magic pill that’s going to give you everything you need but I’ve found that I’m not always getting everything I need from my food alone and these supplements seem to have made a difference! 

The only down side of the Energy B+ is that they are massive pills but they can’t easily be broken in half and Swisse do offer another effervescent energy supplement option. 

Obviously I’m not a doctor or at all qualified to give medical advice so always check with someone who knows what they are taking about before taking new supplements (I have to say that)…or like most of us, use your own common sense. 

If you are looking for a little boost this new year you should defo check out www.swisse.co.uk for more details!!

And remember, keep going Mama your doing a fab job, and the odd shot of vodka is good for you too! 
Joey x 

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