The Holidays are coming…

I will start on 19th November! I’ve told myself this every year for the past 5 years! Gigi’s birthday is on the 18th November, so I can officially start thinking about Christmas on the 19th. I write a list, check it twice…..hmmmmm, that’s a lie, I write a list on my phone, I then don’t look at it again for another 3 weeks! This year however, at least the Christmas cards have been super easy for me to sort out.

I’ve always thought of family Christmas cards a bit twee, but then I found Basic Invite, they have some fantastic modern designs that completely fulfill my monochrome desires (you will 100% not see any red or gold tinsel in this house!). They have hundreds of holiday cards online to choose from, and its not just Christmas, if like us you also celebrate Hanukkah then they’ve got you covered. You can fully customise pretty much every last detail, even down to envelope liners!

They have busy people at the front of their minds, by offer an address capturing service which allows you to share a link on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) allowing your friends and family to upload their addresses which will then be stored on your account. These can then can be selected during the design process and envelopes arrive already printed – AMAZING!

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They are based in the USA, but don’t let that put you off, they ship worldwide, and have super fast delivery. The design process is incredibly easy and all gets checked by one of their talented designers to ensure you will be thrilled with the results. Go and take a look at their website, their inspiration gallery is well, inspirational! But get in quick, they are currently offering a 15% discount using code 15FF51 on customised Christmas cards for a limited time only.

I am super excited about sending out the cards that we designed, and I am also pondering some new business stationary (after Christmas!). They have such an extensive range; wedding and baby shower stationary, birth announcements and even loads of free downloads to print at home.

Happy Holidays!

Joey x



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